Brain Soft

Our process is divided into several stages

  • Project plan
  • Analyze/Design
  • Development
  • Test
  • Delivery
Project plan

Approval of terms and schedule

This phase is essential to the success of the project. Expectations (whether of a client or your team) should be fleshed out in great detailed and documented information. This is an iterative process with a lot of communication between the parties stakeholders, end users and the project team.


Software architecture and databases

The technical design requirements are prepared during this phase by a leading development team which may include architects and developers. Business requirements are used to define how the application will be written. The technical requirements will detail the database tables to be added, the new transactions to be defined, security processes and requirements hardware and system.


Latest technologies and high quality

This phase corresponds to the actual coding and unit testing of the process by the development team. After each step, the developer can demonstrate the work done to analysts commercial and adjustments and improvements may be necessary. It is important in this phase that developers are open-minded and flexible if changes are introduced. This is normally the longest phase of the SDLC. The finished product here has entered the testing phase.


Functional, safety and load tests

Once the application is migrated to a test environment, different types of Tests will be performed, including integration and system testing. User acceptance testing is the last part of the testing and are performed by end users to ensure that the system meets their expectations. At this point, flaws can be found and more work can be done. needed in analysis, design or coding. Once approval has been obtained from all parties involved, the implementation and deployment can begin.


Professional assistance

The size of the project will determine the complexity of the deployment. Training may be required for end users, operations and IT staff on call. System deployment can be done in stages starting with a branch then slowly adding all the locations or it may be a full implementation.